April 4th-May 27th, 2014



“…Couldn’t everyone’s life become a work of art? Why should the lamp or the house be

an art object, but not our life?” —Michel Foucault

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: New City Galerie is accepting submissions for its April show centered around portraits. All media are accepted. In particular, we are looking for pieces that explore the extent to which mankind is a “representational animal,” (homo symbolicum). When we communicate, we use symbols, categories and examples to get across what we’re trying to say—we “represent” the world to each other. And the amount of common ground or “likeness” we share with others usually determines the relative ease or difficulty of dialogue. Differences are hard to bridge; they demand sacrifice on the part of the speaker and the listener. So when deep bonds are formed between people who share almost nothing in common we are shocked. We ask, “How could this have happened?” This dynamic is often at work in portraits to powerful effect—portraits, even if they are abstract and distorted, explore not only the extent to which we can represent someone’s true likeness but also to what extent differences can or cannot be bridged.



Exhibiting Artists 

Doug Paisley

Michael Strauss

Nathaniel Moody

Nate Mosseau

Rachel Morton

Eleanor Lanahan

Ashley Ziegler

James Vogler

Karla Van Vliet

David Russell