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New City Galerie’s six month residency program gives qualifying artists an opportunity to further develop their work in one of three beautiful, sun filled studios overlooking historic Church Street and the surrounding cityscape. This work-share residency is intended for artists who have demonstrated excellence in their work and are seeking to enrich (and be enriched by) the arts community in Burlington.

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Current Artists in Residence

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church street studio


Instagram: @lornadielentheis

ARTIST STATEMENT: I create intricate ink and watercolor drawings, often featuring women and nature. Recently, I’ve begun to explore the intersection of feminism, fantasy, and the natural world. Using symbols from nature that hold meaning for me, I weave new mythologies for the femmes in my drawings. At its core, my work is about finding respite and magic in nature and bodies. My use of fairytale and folkloric elements is a reaction to the way women have often been portrayed in these traditional stories: meek, powerless, and inactive. By reframing these narratives, I seek to put focus on feminine power and illuminate the strength and resilience women have as a direct result of their existence in a patriarchal society.

BIO: Lorna Rose Dielentheis is a visual artist based in Vermont. She works in many mediums and loves experimenting with new materials. Lorna is inspired by narrative, folklore, women, bodies, fairytales, nature, and the human condition. She graduated in 2014 from St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN with a B.A. in Studio Art and Art History. 

Kevin Donegan, Thrust, 2019, Found Objects, Latex, 17x13x10”

Kevin Donegan, Thrust, 2019, Found Objects, Latex, 17x13x10”

mechanic's alley studio

Kevin Donegan

ARTIST STATEMENT: For the last three years, I have been exploring the sculptural and conceptual qualities of found objects (specifically cloth; clothing). Combining them with built structures and latex application techniques, I have sought to redefine their utility and alter their narratives. The result is a diverse set of sculptures that assert their own physicality and purpose, while also being proxies for a deeply human experience. 

Most recently, I have pushed these objects further into abstraction, departing from direct bodily references into partial obscurity, simultaneously seeking to liberate and confound. Employing lace, clothing, frames, and a constructionist process, this new work delves deeper into what’s known and not; where the familiar and the unfamiliar meet.   

BIO: Kevin Donegan is an artist who has always gone his own way. He began art-making at an early age as a compulsive necessity; a desperate attempt to contextualize and validate his experience, which often felt at odds with those around him. Because of this, he developed a habit of resisting convention; seeking to define himself on his own terms, rather than conforming to the expectations of others. Consequently, his artistic growth has been largely self-directed, overwhelmingly tactile, and somewhat vacuous, even though he values connection. 

Kevin is primarily a sculptor. He has worked in stone, steel, and found-object assemblage, but does not restrict himself to any particular media or technique. Instead, he prefers to allow for free expression and evolution over time. His work has been exhibited in solo and group shows around New England and is collected privately.  


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ARTIST STATEMENT: The recent focus of my work has been on book arts (unique as well as printed), video and video installation, hair drawings and mono printing. I am exploring the relationships between these media through the themes of body/self, cells, book structures, words, windmills and windows. 

BIO: Smereka’s media include; installation, printmaking, photography, video, bookmaking and collaborations. She has been a Vermont resident for twenty-four years and currently lives in Burlington. Her work has been featured in numerous solo and group shows throughout the region: solo exihibiton of monoprints and paintings at the AVA Gallery, Lebonon,NH; installations and groups shows at the Flynndog, Burlington, VT; solo show of paintings at Rhombus Gallery, Burlington, VT; paintings at the FirehouseGallery, Burlington, VT. Smereka’s teaching experience includes; after-school classes with children (Rochester, Essex & Middlebury), water color and drawing classes with adults (Shelburne Art Center, Frog Hollow Middlebury and Two Rivers Printmaking Studio), collaborative biology and art class at Montpelier High School, drawing class at Champlain College and painting and printmaking at the Governors Institute on the Arts. Smereka has been the recipient of numerous grants and residencies: Development Grant from the Vermont Arts Council, 2009; Creation Grant from the Vermont Arts Council, Rotary International Group Study program in India, 2004; Kittredge Foundation Grant, 2002; Incentive Grants from the Vermont Arts Council, 2001 and 2002; three month residency in Taos, New Mexico, from the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation, 1998 and 2008; and a three month residency at the Vermont Studio Center, 1996.

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staff artist

Lydia Kern

ARTIST STATEMENT: Recently my work has involved creating sculptures and anatomical installations out of common found objects and materials. By placing common materials in a new context, my work seeks to create a new plane for re-examining the mundane, the structures we live within every day. I am interested in how these hidden anatomical and societal structures, as close to us as our very bones, influence the way we relate to ourselves, one another, and the environment around us. 

BIO: Lydia Kern’s work consists of a variety of different mediums, including found materials sculpture, ceramics, photography, and painting. Lydia was born in Boston, Massachusetts and has been living in Burlington since 2011. Lydia deeply enjoys and appreciates being a part of a community in which the arts shape culture and activism. In 2015, Lydia received her B.A. in studio art, primarily studying under Nancy Dwyer and Cami Davis. She also received her Bachelors of Science in social work from the University of Vermont. Lydia’s work has been featured locally in group exhibitions at the Colburn Gallery, S.P.A.C.E. gallery, and New City Galerie.